Planet Mercury Rules Lebanon

Please take a moment to read this message if you are Lebanese.

Please know that I will bless you if you keep this note with you and read it at least once a week so you remember it.

Dear friend, believe it or not your country is represented and ruled in the stars by the Planet Mercury. Mercury is a beautiful and benevolent planet. There is another planet called Pluto that now rules Earth. Pluto is evil. It has a satellite behind the Earth’s Moon called Nibiru. The ruler of Pluto is an evil short female that looks like an ape.

I am a torture victim of this sadistic, evil ape-looking ‘queen’ and am being tortured to death by it.

The evil queen was supposed to go back to Pluto after we defeated Lucifer (Luke) in a spiritual war from from 2016 to May 2018. Another planet is the master ruling planet in the Solar System. The evil queen of Pluto has to report to councils this planet about me. The evil queen tricked and tortured me into *acting* like I was poor and mentally ill for a few months. The evil queen made doctored recordings of me to present to the council and ruler as evidence that I am unfit to rule thus justifying that she must rule Earth instead. So she stole the reign from me. I am not ill. I am very mentally strong despite their relentless torture. I realize all this sounds mentally ill, but unfortunately it is reality. I will bless you to no end if you simply remember this information. Just re-read it often.

The evil queen from Pluto was supposed to go back to Pluto after the contest that corresponded very much to Revelations in the Bible. She did not. Instead she started a scam to defame me and steal the throne for herself. She lies to the council and ruler about me. You see, as long as a ruler of another planet claims they are ‘working with you’, meaning helping you then they get to stay on the host planet and they get exclusive access to you. Not even the solar system ruler can access you directly anymore. So she has cut me off from any visibility from the higher ruler and tortures me and then records the effects in hacked recordings to give to the council. It’s like being trapped in a mental hospital when you are perfectly fine and being framed by a sadistic ‘doctor’ who wants to ruin you. This evil ape-looking ‘queen’ also hurt my daughter, a beautiful innocent child, physically via technology that it possesses.

Again, please know that I will bless you if you keep this note with you and read it at least once a week so you remember it.

I am the true Ruler of Earth, not the evil imposter ‘ruler’ from Pluto.
There is a special reason that you read this if you are Lebanese. Never forget that. You are blessed if you keep it and read it often.

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Planet Mercury Rules Lebanon

Saturn needs to investigate what the evil ape queen has done to me since April 23, 2018. immediately. All of the recordings the evil ape queen of Pluto gave to Enki and the councils were fake and produced under massive torture exactly like the Navy Seals produced their reports to give to the Air Force.

I am the rightful ruler of Earth and I have declared War on Pluto.